Printing Methods

There are a variety of methods available when it comes to branding and personalising our promotional merchandise. This will serve as a guide to help you understand the printing processes and understand what will best represent the marketing message that you want to deliver. 

Screen Print-

  • Printed using a mesh screen for each colour within the artwork
  • Low cost and highly durable
  • Allows for accurate Pantone matching

Pad Print-

  • Also know as tampography and tampo print, this is where ink is applied to an etched plate and pressed onto promotional merchandise
  • Allows for branding on 2D and 3D products

Transfer Print-

  • Ideal for high quality images printed onto a material and then transferred to your promotional products via a heat press
  • Allows for branding with detailed, full-colour images 
  • Ideal for textiles like bags and clothing and ceramics
  • Highly durable

Digital Printing-

  • Also know as FCP (full-colour printing), digital transfer and direct digital, this print method allows you to have personalised merchandise with full-colour designs and detailed artwork
  • Inkjet technology printing either directly on the product or onto a film and then heat transferred onto the promotional product
  • Largest range of colour options, high-quality enough to event print photographs on products
  • Ideal for artwork with many colours, different shades and variants
  • Common on promotional pens, bags, notebooks, masks, bottles and many more products

Laser Engraving-

  • Personalisation done using a precision laser directly onto the product. It works best on metal but can also be used on wood products. 
  • Permanent branding method and the most durable option

Embossing and Debossing-

  • Branded by using a combination of pressure and heat to leave your imprints, typically it will be your logo and some accompanying text. By embossing, your branding will be raised higher than the surface of your product, debossing is the opposite, it will be pressed deeper into the product surface


  • Sewing using a thread and needle, this is a popular method for personalised clothing like hoodies, jackets, hats and polo-shirts
  • More durable than printing onto textiles and garments

Foil Blocking-

  • A branding method where a foil, metallic and shiny layer is heat pressed onto the promotional product. It can also be added to debossed branding.
  • Commonly used on leather, faux leather and folders