Artwork Guidelines

If you’re ordering your items ‘ plain-stock’ then you don’t need to worry about artwork.

When you place an order for branded products, we will need your artwork and will need to know whether you want it printed, laser engraved, embroidered or embossed/de-bossed. With this, we can customise your products to your specification, allowing you to promote your business with pride!

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File Types

  • Vector artwork is ideal for us, saved as an .EPS file, created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as outlines. If you don’t have vector artwork but it is still a high-quality image then it most likely is fine for printing. Failing that, our design team may be able to convert it for you. Feel free to email it to, along with your enquiry.
  • Complex and creative designs may incur a small fee but basic designs are free of charge. File types that we accept include: PDF, .JPG, .PSD, .AI, .TIFF and .PNG.
  • PDF’s and .JPEG’s are the most common file types but a vector file is always preferred if you have one available.

Branding Artwork Colours

Most likely, your company logo colour/s will be know by the designer who created it. Printers use recognition systems to pinpoint the exact colours within artwork to make sure it prints true to your branding guidelines. Systems include Pantone Matching, CYMK and RGB. Pantone matching is the industry standard, if you know you Pantone colours then let us know, if not we can use software tools on your logo to determine the colours. Please note that how colours appear to the eye can vary on different computer screens and printers, so it is solely a guide.

The above is for solid colours, however we can also print in Full Colour; for example, a photograph of a person, a painting or a logo with gradients where the colours fade or there are multiple shades of the same colour.

If you’re not entirely sure or feel slightly confused, just send over the highest quality artwork file that you have and we will take the weight off your shoulders and get it ready for print.

For more information regarding the branding options available on your desired products, check out our quote & order process page

Text Fonts

The text on your artwork will have been created using a specific font, if you know the font then tell us which one. Failing that, we will attempt to find and match the same font.

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If this you first time applying text to your artwork, feel free to browse and pick from the standard ones on your device. Alternatively, and If you have never created a text-based corporate design before, we can offer you a choice of fonts to pick from. If you are struggling but have an idea of the style you want, we can recommend some suitable options.

Print Areas

Different products have different print areas. For example, on a metal water bottle if you wanted it laser engraved you would have a smaller area than if you wanted a full colour digital wrap which forms a complete cylinder around the bottle. Smaller print areas will typically cost less than the larger options. You can decide on the layout of the components within you design as long as it’s within your chosen print are, our team will happily assist you in this. On many products there will be more than one print area. For example on pens you can brand the barrel and the clip.

We have templates available for every product, they can be emailed over to you if you need it to help you decide on the layout of your artwork.


The final step of the artwork process is proofing, by this point you will have selected your products, print area and have sent your artwork to us. Our design team will then create a ‘visual’, which is a mock-up of your artwork on the product to give you a guide of how it would look. You can then give us feedback and we will make amendments until you are satisfied with it. To conclude, we will send you a ‘Final Proof’ which is the ‘visual’ that will go forward to print, once you have given your approval. your goods will now be printed and delivered to you!